Meet Your Experts & How To Ask

Meet Your Experts & How To Ask

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With a Training Suite membership, you have unlimited access to the Io3DP Experts in your members only community. This means you can ask any question on 3D printing you can think of (it isn’t limited to the course videos), anytime, on as many things as you want.

Post settings, print pictures, design ideas and get direct feedback from the Experts. Discuss opinions, preferences and projects with them and other members. It’s all included!

If you’re not a member of the Training Suite yet don’t worry, we still invite you to explore this community and the posts our members have created. With the years of experience our experts have this community is a goldmine of knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

To ask a question click on ‘Expert Help’ from the navigation menu and select the general section that suits your question best. From there you can filter where to ask your question through choosing a subforum. Or you can click the purple ‘ASK YOUR QUESTION(S)’ button below the box of subforums.
(You must be registered, approved and signed in to ask questions)

If you have any trouble at all email and I will direct you further.

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  1. Hello Everyone, I am just glad to join this community and learning about 3D Printing. I’m a retired Mechanical Engineer and bought a Creality Ender 3 PRO to learn how to print airplanes to my RC Airmodel hobby. Maybe if I become proficient in 3D printing I will try other applications in the future.

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