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[Solved] Filament not extruding


Hai, i want to ask regarding my printer. I have prusa i3mk3s. my problem is, it can print successfully on the first layer until layer 3, after that the nozzle do not extruding and keep on printing on the air. there is no clicking sound after all. All is smooth just filament do not extruding after a few successfull layer. by the way, when i loading the filament, its extrude nicely without any blobs of filament. meaning that it can loading the filament without any problem. Kindly advise. thankyou

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2020 10:27 am
Expert Moderator

Hi Tankenland, welcome to the forum 🙂

Are you getting this defect every time at the same place? Does it appear at a different place if you make a different sized print?

Could you try printing a 20mm calibration cube and post pictures of the results?

Also, have a good look at the extruder while the filament stops flowing, and tell us if the gear is spinning, and if it's jerking backwards, or if it moves forwards and grinds the filament without actually moving the filament (a video of this would help as well if you manage to catch it).


Posted : 27/05/2020 9:11 pm

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