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Hi I´m Iris - relatively new to FDM printing - more at home with Resin 😀 and at the point where I´m not sure if FDM was such a good idea or if I should have stayed with my resin printers 🙂

I print on Anycubic Mega S and Ender 3

Topic starter Posted : 04/08/2021 9:28 pm
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Hi Iris 🙂

FDM has certain advantages - it's cheaper and slightly faster for large prints (if you use a large nozzle and a coarse layer height), and large FDM printers are much cheaper than large resin printers. There's also a lot less post-processing involved with FDM than with resin (no alcohol, no UV/sunlight curing, no mandatory supports removal on many types of print etc.). The last advantage is that FDM is a relatively clean process and needs only good exhaust to protect you from molten plastic fumes; with resin you have to take precautions to protect yourself not just from the fumes, but also from the toxicity and allergy-inducing effects of uncured resin (and that stuff sticks to everything if you get some on your glove and go touch something else!).

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Posted : 05/08/2021 6:01 pm

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