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I'd like to say "Hello!" from the USA. The community here seems very focused and the replies by experts are extremely thorough. I'm looking forward to getting some quality 3D prints out of the Qidi i-Fast printer I'm struggling with. The initial modules are stressing things like bed leveling when at temperature, or printing a temperature tower. These are procedures I'm excited to try out. I think I've been caught by the usual "when nothing is working, get lost in the internet advice that leads nowhere" problem. I think getting the basic understanding of what is really important to a good print is my expectation from participating here. I've failed to get ABS to not warp. I've failed over and over again with dual extrusion spaghetti. I've only really succeeded with PLA and one extruder a few times in several months. But, I figured out that I had to level my extruders (didn't know that). There is no accurate easy micrometer type adjustment for doing that easily. All the adjustments on most 3D printers seem rather low tech. I think I can get the bed level in my printer, but I never thought about checking whether it was warped. I'll be doing that right away!

My goals here at io3dp are:

1. Get the basics right, bed leveling at print temp, proper ventilation/filtration, printing a temperature tower.

2. The Qidi slicer is based on Cura and only runs in Windows or Mac. I use Linux natively and run the Qidi slicer in a Windows VM. I can send the compressed gcode file over the network to the printer with the Qidi slicer. However, I have purchased Simplify3D since it works natively in Linux and Qidi provdes an i-Fast FFF file. I'd love to figure out Octopi/Simplify3D if it is possible with the Qidi i-Fast. Otherwise the Qidi slicer has lots of settings since it is based on Cura. So that is a big decision on what to invest in learning.

3. Getting an Octopi setup working.

4. Learning how to print with dual extruders and get quality prints every time. I've got a dark orange and a harvest yellow Pro PLA I wanted to make Fall decorations out of. However, I can't get either color to print without failure. This is exactly the situation that I think io3dp is built for. Helping someone USE their printer instead of fighting for months just to get it to sometimes work.

5. Learn how to dual extrude a support material and a print material for complex objects. I'd love to print bearings, parts, and complex objects where dissolving the support leaves a beautiful or functional item.

One extra thing about Qidi I will mention. Even though I am a newbie and have been having trouble, the Qidi support has been fantastic. They have replaced the x-axis arm with an improved version, sent me a replacement high temp hardened steel dual extruder when then the first one they sent had a problem, and answered many questions about setting up and using the printer. They even sent an updated PEI magnetic plate to replace buildtak type plates that came with the printer. However, I didn't know the right questions to ask to get good prints. The io3dp program is really what I've needed since it is covering basics I'd heard about, but not in the depth or detail of what was required. Also, the experts will be able to easily handle teaching me what I have on my list based on what I've read in the forums already.

I'm attaching images of the left extruder bed leveling print and the dual extruder calibration final print. I can guarantee that after a heated leveling procedure both of those prints would turn out much better since I've worked on getting both extruders close to the same distance from the plate and at the same relative height to each other. The left extruder was much higher from the plate initially than the right extruder and I wasn't even aware of that problem. The leveling procedure isn't even designed to test the right extruder height from the plate.

left extruder test
final dualE calibration

 Here is my work area with the printer and a air filtration unit that contains a VOC rated carbon filter as well as particulate filters.

Qidi iFast work area

Best wishes,


Posted : 13/10/2021 10:34 am
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Hi Dow!

Welcome to the Community! 

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We will help you to improve your prints and get the most out of your printer. 

Like any other process, it takes some time to master all the techniques. All the content posted on the courses are easy to follow and the lessons are explained with clarity. We will assist you with any particular (or general) concern you may have along the process.

I wish you a happy printing!

Kind regards,


Posted : 13/10/2021 8:21 pm
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