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My successful prints

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Hare, Kitty and Puppy in LtR order of print. When the Hare was done I was ecstatic 🙂

IMG 20211014 191126

Clockwork Toaster. Some stringing but considering how long it took to print I thought a spider had moved in. With very little cleanup it was fine and worked as intended. As it was printed 10% smaller than the original I was not surprised when the 0.1mm tolerance slider didnt move.

IMG 20211014 191540

1:64 scale work bench with tools and cabinets for a Diarama enthusiast friend. I thought it was pretty good.

IMG 20211012 120041  01


Filament = came with the Ender do no idea of brand

Hot end = 220C

Bed = 65C (with glue stick)

Speed = varied as I was playing with it but the Toaster and workbench were printed at 50mm/s the rest averaged between 100 and 250.


Printed indicator fittings for a motorcycle in ABS on Sunday. It was a steep learning curve but we got there. Unfortunately I don't have post print photos except this one. Taken after fitment.

IMG 20211010 163744

Filament - Amazon ABS

Hot End - 240C

Bed - 95C

Speed - 100mm/s


There are flaws and it could be better so any advice / comments would be appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 14/10/2021 6:40 pm

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