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Belt printer warping issues

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I have the iFactory One printer, a belt printer, and am having issues with warping on any print that's over 30mm tall and wide enough to cover at least half the width of the bed, probably around 12cm. I need ideas on what I can do to minimize or eliminate the warping that's happening and don't know much about this related to belt printers.

Topic starter Posted : 19/03/2021 1:49 am
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Hi Saber,

Generally bed adhesion is improved by increasing the bed temperature (or belt temperature, in your case). If you're printing with PLA, you might need to use 50-60°C to get the best adhesion. Secondly, levelling the bed (well, belt) is critical - the right nozzle-to-bed distance will ensure the best possible adhesion.

Could you post pictures of such a warped print, and if possible also all the slicer settings you're using (either export them and zip and attach the file, or take screenshots or a video).

If you don't have pictures of the warped print, a calibration cube will suffice - please send pics of the top surface, bottom surface and sides.

Looking forward to your feedback 🙂


Posted : 19/03/2021 10:44 pm

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