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Leveling bed

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Just set up the creality ender 3 and the bed is way high or the nozzle? I don’t know which one but the printer is trying to print the design and the nozzle on the Z axis is 5mm up off the bed as the home position. I adjusted the axis in the main interface settings by selecting the Z axis and turning the value down to zero. Then retried to print, but the problem still exist. I then selected the store settings and the Z axis went to zero and I tried to print but the start print was up on the z axis showing 5m up off the home position.  I even started over with the store settings and loaded the settings from the beginning, but no results. I remove the Y axis by removing the external rod and reposition the entire part down close so that when the start of the print would be just right, wrong! I did this twice and same results.

1). How do I reset the printer?

2). What to do and how to establish a home position?

How can I set the value to zero and it’s actually there in the home position?


Thurman Steward

Topic starter Posted : 14/10/2021 5:13 am
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Hi Thurman!

I am back… 😀 

If you don’t mind, we can continue this topic in the one I replied earlier (, since it is the same issue and we can both keep track of it.

Kind regards,


Posted : 14/10/2021 8:49 pm

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