How To Grow Your 3D Printing Business & Advancing Your 3D Printing Career in the Current Economic Climate…

As we roll into 2021, things are still looking uncertain in many ways. While things are looking up, economies the world over are being stretched, making both businesses and employment prospects increasingly fragile. 

With many small businesses struggling for their very survival, and “job security” being an increasingly distant memory – now is the time to take a proactive drive forward and not only secure your future, but also excel at it. 

That’s right, we’re not just talking about survival here. I’m going to show you how you can level up and progress as a 3D printing professional in this new uncertain world. Regardless of if sales seem OK right now, or your employers are keeping quiet, many don’t see the unthinkable from happening, until it’s too late…

And this is going to be a tragedy for most, for many reasons but in no small part because 3D printing is such an incredible opportunity right now. 

It’s potential for applications in industry to lower costs and reduce process times through to directly improving people’s lives through innovated 3D printed products, will not be fully released without people like us to help “the masses” understand and benefit from this technology. 

So, if you want to make sure you’re bullet-proofing your 3D printing business or solidifying your dream career in 3D printing this year and the turbulent times to follow, you are going to find what I cover in this quick-guide invaluable. 

Below I’m going to outline the 3 core elements you’ve got to master to excel and become indispensable as a 3D printing professional. It’s relevant to anyone from those who simply have a side-hustle printing business from their garage, or if you have a small team – or if you want to level up in your career and ensure your value is fully recognised by your employer. 

The first element, or “secret” to holding yourself back, if that you need to have absolute confidence in yourself. Without confidence in yourself first, how are others (your boss, customers or clients) supposed to believe in your abilities to implement the vast benefits of 3D printing in their businesses? 

Printing for other people in a professional capacity, whether they’re products you’re selling or a lengthy custom job for a client / boss, can at times make you doubt your abilities. It’s called “imposter syndrome” and it can strike at any time; job interviews, quoting for a job you’ve not done before or even when being questioned by a client on delivery. 

It’s important not to falter, because customers, clients and bosses will sense this – even through your website, your delivery and communications. In times of uncertainty, they want to give their money to people who are confident in their own abilities. And bosses want to keep the team members who know they can handle the work. 

Do you know exactly how to handle a range of issues people might throw at you with ease? Sure, you can likely figure anything out, if you have enough time. But when printing professionally, the clock is always ticking, and time is always money…

To learn how to handle these issues, save time and money click here.

 The second “secret” to excelling with your 3D printing profession directly addresses the following potential issues you may have (or likely to) experience.

Essentially do you ever feel questioned or have had to deal with unrealistic expectations? This can show up as people not taking you seriously, or not following your professional recommendation. Or even something as unsettling as not trusting your pricing or hours taken to complete a task. 

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll understand how infuriating it can be and keeps you stuck in a cycle. 

As an example, perhaps you’re sick of quoting jobs and then just being ghosted (no reply) afterwards. Or a general feeling of not being respected and recognised for your skillset. 

The key here is to gain authority & credibility in ways that position yourself as an authority. The Desktop FDM 3D Printing Mastery Certification can help with this, click here to learn more. 

Once you have this, you’ll no longer have to deal with second guessing or even being ignored in kinds of subtle ways, again.

The third secret that you need to know may sound counter intuitive. But please be aware, this secret is only applicable once you’ve fully invested in the two secrets above I’ve just mentioned. In short, one won’t work without the other.

So this third secret? As someone who has consulted over 90 3D printing based businesses to and interviewed 100’s of 3D printing professionals to date, I can tell you what no one else will. 

You’re simply not charging enough. 

Now that might sound scary or backwards and if you’re a business, you’re probably feeling some pressure to cut prices or under-quote just to win business and survive. 

But, here’s the thing – when done in the right way, you can actually charge more without losing sales or reducing your risk of being made redundant.  

Because when you get caught in the trap of competing on price, on slashing to survive (as I call it) it’s a dangerous downward spiral. Please don’t get caught up in that. 

The two are actually highly related. Companies don’t cut people based on cost, they cut them based on value, or more importantly, perceived value. Regardless if you’re a business owner, freelancer or employee, the fact is the same. 

Now, you can’t just raise prices willy nilly, or start demanding a payrise – there’s a lot more to it than that. Something that I recently covered in a live training I hosted.

It’s my hope that these secrets outlined above give you clarity and structure going into 2021 and beyond. 

Let’s power forward to thrive, not just survive!

To get ahead of the curve and get certified as a 3D Printing Professional click here or the button below.

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