NEW Community Has Launched

NEW Community Has Launched

✨ Exciting news your new community has launched! ✨
Please check your emails for an invitation to your new and improved ask an expert area. Not received your invitation yet?
Don’t worry, just email Jess at and she will be able to help.

 This community is a little bit different to others, originally created as a way for our members to get one on one support from our experts it’s a goldmine of knowledge and experience.

We wanted to share these comprehensive and insightful posts with everyone so we’ve opened up the community. While only our Training Suite membership members will have access to the one on one support offered by our experts we’ve made it so everyone can register to read the thousands of helpful posts.

What is The Institute of 3D Printing?

We make 3D Printing simple. From choosing your first printer and learning how to master it, through to becoming fully qualified for your dream job and even how to grow your own highly profitable 3D printing business. If you want to revolutionise your life, work or business through FDM 3D printing, we’ll help you do it.

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  1. Hi All, I am so excited to be part of this community and learning all i can about 3D Printing , I bought a Flashforge Creator Pro with a dual head extruder so I can print with more than one colour. Initially I wanted this machine to compliment my RC Truck hobby and be able to print accessories for trailers and props etc but since learning all the things you can do with 3D printing … I may even start a business and sell the items I make ….but one step at a time I have to learn all that I can first.

  2. Hello Everyone, I’m excited to join this institute and continue to learn more about the 3D printer. I’m practicing my skills set with drafting and designing a DIY project that I always wanted to do. Inventing new ideas with the 3D printer will help me bring about a new concept in modeling my DIY projects.

  3. Just glad I am going to learn to use my 3d printer, because my next step was to throw it away.

  4. Been playing around with my Creality Ender v2 for a couple of months with varying success. Now I want to really make it work.

  5. Hi everyone
    I’m inspired by the 3D printer technology. As a beginner I have achieved my degree in Drafting and Design (AAS), Computer Aid Design. I’m doing a DIY project to render a 3D model of my ideas. So, I’m here to learn.

  6. Just bought a BIQU B1 as my first 3D printer. So far my have not gone well. Hopefully I can correct that here.

    1. Jess

      Hi Robert!

      Welcome to the community, I look forward to seeing our experts help you improve your prints.

      As a verified member you can create posts to ask the experts a question. To do this follow these steps –

      1. Register (using the same email you have a membership under) – ( Please note your account needs to be approved for posts before you can use the “Ask a Question” Button.
      2. Use the ‘Expert Help’ menu at the top of the screen to select what category your question is best suited to.
      3. Select a sub-category that further matches your issue.
      4. Click ‘Ask a Question’ and complete the form with as much detail as you can.

      You will then receive a response usually within 24/48hrs and our Experts will continue to work with you until your problem is resolved.

      I hope this helps but do email me at if you have any trouble.


  7. Andre

    Wow… looking at all the content on offer here… leaves one a bit gobsmacked!

    Ed, you’re right, this can’t be found anywhere else. Thank you for putting all this together. I’m going to treat it as if I have never printed a thing in my life before, starting with printer setups as if I have just bought it.

    Best regards,

  8. Nic Newey

    Like many, I have just started my hopeful journey to 3DP enlightenment.
    I inherited my Ender-3 Pro from… err… myself! When COVID-19 hit, there was a massive shortage of PPE. So a smart chap in Wrexham setup a 3D printing hub to produce thousands of face shield frames for our NHS. I decided to donate a printer to the cause, so I bought it and had it shipped there, with spare nozzles and a few kilos of filament.
    When it had completed its tour of duty, and in desperate need of rest and rehabilitation, it was shipped to me! Since then, I have spent more than it cost on repairs and “upgrades”. I say “upgrades” simply because most are actually downgrades, flogged to the keen enthusiast. So, yes, I have some funky yellow bed springs (which might work) and some nice levelling wheels in the seemingly popular anodised red (probably less useful).
    My most useful additions have been new pulley wheels, to replace the very worn originals, and a PEI bed, which neatly attaches to the Pro’s magnetic bed without any fiddling.
    Probably like many others, I have spent ages falling foul of the numerous problems that are associated with poor bed levelling. Frankly, I still have a lot to learn, even after Adam’s clear instructions of Module 1 of the Core course.
    Looking back, I really wish that I’d come across io3dp earlier. However, one only really learns from one’s own mistakes.
    Two lessons:
    – Don’t touch a hot hotend!
    – Don’t touch anything to do with the printer after layer 1! Well, except ‘Stop Print’.
    Cheers and good luck, ’Nic

  9. Hi, just joined Io3DP. Look forward to learning something new or improve on what I already know. I purchased my first 3D printer, a Monoprice Maker Select Ultimate, several years ago. I have upgraded it with a few recommended changes and have produced many successful (and unsuccessful) prints. I also have a Hieha resin printer that I like to tinker with. One of my main hobbies is to fly planes and jets using my home built flight simulator. I am using Turbo CAD Platinum 2021 to design and create the 3D models that I print. I have created many brackets to hold and support many things in the simulator. I have also created and printed many parts for my radio controlled car and truck. It is amazing on what can be made, and made better with the various materials available on the market today.

  10. Hi All, I’ve just joined Io3DP. Never did I think of looking into 3D printing until a colleague introduced me to it. I was made to feel a little intimidated so I have made it my mission to learn as much as I can. Looking forward to the World of 3D printing 🙂

  11. GeorgeB

    Hi All,
    I’m new to everything 3D Printing and look forward to learning a lot.

    I received My Ender 6 Monday a week ago and ran my first ever print on the following Tuesday.
    Since then I have had a heap of fun. Lots of failed prints which eventually resulted in some beautiful prints. By Friday I had printed the clockwork Toaster. As I had reduced the print size by 10% I wasn’t expecting much but it came out beautifully and everything worked except the 0.1mm tolerance.
    I use AutoDesk & Coreldraw products to design and 3D model. Cura and Simplified3D to process it and a printing we go.

    Yesterday I printed a 1:64 scale workbench with tools and first time out it was great.
    Being here with other likeminded people I believe I can only get better. As a new profession the sky has no limits.

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